[Blend2cs-user] Bugfix and Patch for compiling blend2cs on Win with MSVC6

Frank W. Samuelson blend2cs-user@blender.org
Mon, 29 Sep 2003 08:17:41 -0600 (MDT)

I'll probably get to looking at this next week when I have a good bit more
time.  Thanks.


On Mon, 29 Sep 2003, Fritz Elfert wrote:

> Hi,
> I am currently writing a Win GUI frontend (MFC-based) for blend2cs for 
> some "KlickiBunti" Users. In order to get a working WIN32 version, i 
> patched blend2cs to compile with MSVC 6. During tests, i also found a 
> strange bug where the double linked list of BLStructs sometimes is
> corrupted (never saw this on Linux). Anyway ... patch is attached. All 
> WIN32-related stuff is if(n)def'd with _WIN32, _except_ the following:
>  - Added error checks for all malloc() calls.
>  - In Blend2CS::writePolygons(), use a different name for the
>    Mesh::PolygonIterator. (i is hidden later by 2 declarations in
>    for(...) loops and MSVC doesn't get that right. But IMHO using a
>    different name increases readability of the code anyway.
>  - The fix for the above mentioned bug: In BLNewStruct(), initialize
>    prev and next pointers.
> The patch is against current CVS.
> To the developers:
> When finished with the GUI, i would like to contribute it. Is it
> possible to get CVS write-access for that? (Everything is in a new subdir 
> "win32")
> Ciao
>  -Fritz