[Blend2cs-user] Stuff. Was: something else

Frank W. Samuelson blend2cs-user@blender.org
Mon, 2 Jun 2003 23:52:48 -0600 (MDT)

This evening I added support for reading the transparency 
and modes of blender faces to the CVS.  This is the data that is set in 
blender with the "Face Select" buttons in the "Paint buttons" window. 
On the CS output side I added support for making polygons on things
collisional (or not, based on the blender setting) and for making
polygons on things double sided, if they are marked as such in
blender.  This is a trick; a  double sided polygon in CS is really 2 
polygons facing opposite directions using the same vertices.

Please try out this new code.

Gregor wrote:
> > > Furthermore I will have to leave this project because I don't have
> > > enough time to handle it all. I plan to leave after I have added my
> > > share to the source code documentation. I think that Frank Samuelson
> > > should take over the project from there. Frank, do you want to do this?
> >
> > Eh, let me think about that.
> >
> Sure thing.

OK, I'll do it.