[Blend2cs-user] blend2cs conversion story

Matze Braun blend2cs-user@blender.org
Wed, 30 Jul 2003 21:11:27 +0200 (CEST)

On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, Thomas Degris wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> after some talks with MatzeB (its nickname on IRC), he fixed some bugs 
> in blend2cs (and in CrystalSpace) to get the conversion working. So, 
> here is the map computed in Blender (in OpenGl):
> http://www-poleia.lip6.fr/~degris/crystal/question_blender.jpg
> and the map rendered with CrystalSpace:
> http://www-poleia.lip6.fr/~degris/crystal/question_cs01.jpg
Yes textures with "add" and "alpha" mode are converted into opaque 
textures in CS. This needs some more investigation if CS can do these 
tricks and how to convert them correctly.
I'll look at them when I find time (that's not at the moment :-(

> So, it works well. However, there is some bugs as you can see for the 
> entry of the tunnel on the right and the swimming pool also on the 
> right. I think it comes from the properties of the materials defined in 
> CrystalSpace (like transparency). There is also some weard things at the 
> right of the scene :
> http://www-poleia.lip6.fr/~degris/crystal/question_cs02.jpg
I'm not sure yet what this is :) Seems the map contains some strange 
triangles without texture at that place...

> Also, when CrystalSpace is loading, I got the following error message 
> about a strange textures called 'no' (I don't think there is a texture 
> of that name in the Blender file) :
> crystalspace.maploader: Could not find material 'no'. Creating new 
> material using texture with that name
> crystalspace.maploader: Could not find texture 'no'. Attempting to load.
> crystalspace.maploader.parse.image: Could not open image file 'no' on VFS!
> crystalspace.maploader.parse.texture: Couldn't load image 'no', using 
> checkerboard instead!
That is intentionally. blend2cs otuputs <material>no</material> for 
objects which have no UV-Textures. CrystalSpace will then load it's 
checkerboard texture and produce a warning for these objects. Making sure 
that all objects in the scene have textures will avoid this warning.