[Blend2cs-user] blendconv vs. blend2cs + blend2cs light issue

James Thompson blend2cs-user@blender.org
Wed, 23 Jul 2003 08:30:01 -0500 (CDT)

>   As I've started using CS and blend2cs about 2 weeks ago, i don't have
> much experience with them. Can you give me some advice, which version
> (blend2cs or blendconv) to use and why?

My personal preference is blend2cs.  In my experiences it handles errors
better and provides defaults for commonly overlooked settings.  IIRC it
also uses sectors for some things (I'm blanking right now) that blendconv
used layers for, which meant that blendconv was limited to 20(?) and
blend2cs was unlimited.  And less importantly the name blend2cs matches
the *2cs convention which seems to be in use with cs vs blendconv which
doesn't really provide imply any information about what it's converting

> Are there any advices how to create scenes in blender so that they will
> be 'accepted' by these converters?

The only advice I can thing of that really sticks in my head is the "show
normals" button in blender.  I've not seen it mentioned in the docs but
without it on it's much rougher to track which side is receiving the

> And my last question: Are these programs still developed ?

Unfortunately yes.  Unless things have changed both of them are still
being developed which splits efforts.  :(  Each program supports features
the other lacks which means they both have their place.  The primary
developers seem to get along great so I feel this split is more an issue
of lack of time than anything else.

I had planned on adding another feature to blend2cs myself but some
unforseen real life issues have kept me away from the computer for about a
week now.  I hope to have everything settled this week and will be back to
blending and cs'ing (yea!).  So I should ask.  Is there a roadmap on
merging the code bases or migrating features from one into the other?  If
so, what roadblocks would there be?  If I'm going to be adding things then
I could spend a little more time looking at merging/porting missing
functionality if a detailed list of differences exists.  (for some reason
I'm thinking the README wasn't accurate)

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