[Blend2cs-user] Call for sample maps.

Thomas CLive Richards blend2cs-user@blender.org
Tue, 1 Jul 2003 23:20:29 +1200


> Hi,
> now as I consider my current converter as stable and major enough to
> work well on static maps I'd like to work a bit on optimisation and
> testing. Todo this I'd need good sample maps. I'd appreciate all sorts
> of blender maps wich should convert with blend2cs.

I would be interested, however: i know next to nothing about CS maps.
therefore i really don't know what features the map should include.
Perhaps you could post a list of features a map should have?

> It would probably also make sense to create an "official" testmap,
> that shows all features of blend2cs. This could be used for a manual
> regression test for the developers. I could upload my personal testmap
> but I'd prefer a nice map (my personal modelling skills are somewhat
> poor).

I would also describe my modelling skills as "somewhat poor", although
it sounds like it's be a fun afternoon project, so if no one else has
replied to say that they want to do it, I'll have a look at it in the
following few days.

So, could you post a list of features please?



Thomi Richards,