[Blend2cs-user] scaling issues

Bjorn Hansen blend2cs-user@blender.org
Thu, 31 Jul 2003 18:02:56 -0800

On Thursday 31 July 2003 17:27, you wrote:
> If you want the scaling in the mesh factory, you can apply the
> scaling to the vertices in Blender.  That is, go into edit mode (tab),
> select all vertices (a),  hit the s button, and scale.
> Or you can rotate and scale from within your CS program.  You have to
> define the translations there anyway.

ah, so I'm in object mode and scale or rotate the whole object, it won't 
change anything when it's converted, but if I'm in vertex mode and scale all 
the vertices it will.  That's what you're saying?  I'll try that. Thanks,