[Bf-translations-svn] SVN commit: /data/svn/repos/bf-translations [4233] branches/pt_BR/pt_BR.po: Small fix and some improvements

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Tue May 31 15:19:14 CEST 2016

Revision: 4233
Author:   greylica
Date:     2016-05-31 15:19:14 +0200 (Tue, 31 May 2016)
Log Message:
Small fix and some improvements

Modified Paths:

Modified: branches/pt_BR/pt_BR.po
--- branches/pt_BR/pt_BR.po	2016-05-30 03:50:45 UTC (rev 4232)
+++ branches/pt_BR/pt_BR.po	2016-05-31 13:19:14 UTC (rev 4233)
@@ -63814,7 +63814,7 @@
 #. :src: bpy.types.MESH_OT_uvs_reverse
 msgctxt "Operator"
 msgid "Reverse UVs"
-msgstr "Reverter UVs"
+msgstr "Reverter as UVs"
 #. :src: bpy.types.MESH_OT_uvs_reverse
 msgid "Flip direction of UV coordinates inside faces"
@@ -63832,7 +63832,7 @@
 #. :src: bpy.types.MESH_OT_vert_connect
 msgctxt "Operator"
 msgid "Vertex Connect"
-msgstr "Conectar vértices"
+msgstr "Conectar os vértices"
 #. :src: bpy.types.MESH_OT_vert_connect
 msgid "Connect selected vertices of faces, splitting the face"
@@ -63850,20 +63850,20 @@
 #. :src: bpy.types.MESH_OT_vert_connect_nonplanar
 msgctxt "Operator"
 msgid "Split Non-Planar Faces"
-msgstr "Dividir faces não planares"
+msgstr "Dividir as faces não planares"
 #. :src: bpy.types.MESH_OT_vert_connect_nonplanar
 msgid "Split non-planar faces that exceed the angle threshold"
-msgstr "Divide as faces não planares que excedem o ajuste angular."
+msgstr "Divide as faces não planares que excedem um determinado ajuste angular."
 #. :src: bpy.types.MESH_OT_vert_connect_path
 msgctxt "Operator"
 msgid "Vertex Connect Path"
-msgstr "Conexão de vértices de caminho"
+msgstr "Conectar o caminho dos vértices "
 #. :src: bpy.types.MESH_OT_vert_connect_path
 msgid "Connect vertices by their selection order, creating edges, splitting faces"
-msgstr "Conectar vértices pela sua ordem de seleção, criando arestas, separando as faces."
+msgstr "Conecta os vértices pela sua ordem de seleção, criando arestas e separando-as em faces quando necessário."
 #. :src: bpy.types.MESH_OT_vertex_color_add
 msgctxt "Operator"

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