[Bf-translations-svn] Help Please! Problems when adding a new language

Ainhize Goenaga Oregi agoenaga006 at ikasle.ehu.eus
Fri Feb 19 16:45:55 CET 2016

I already sent this message somewhere, but, as we didn't get a  
response, we think maybe we did it wrong, so here is the message. We  
are new to this kind of project and, even if we read the guide and  
everything, we don't understand well enough how this works.

We are really motivated with this project, but if we can't start we  
can't do anything.

""Message sent""


   We are two university students that are participating in a project  
that consists of translating a program into our language (Basque) and  
we chosed Blender, but we can't find the directory  
release/scripts/modules... to add the new language. We would like to  
translate the Windows version. We already know something about svn, so  
we think that won't be a problem, but, as we can't find the file  
'settings.py' we can't add the language and start translating.

   We also noticed that this task has to be made in /trunk so we are  
not sure if we are able to do it, as it says to avoid editing this.

   Any help?

   PS: If a moderator has to add the language, here is the information:
   Language: Euskara , English: Basque , ISO: eu_EU

""Message sent""

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