[Bf-python] Materials bug in convert_NMeshToMesh

Willian Padovani Germano wgermano at ig.com.br
Thu Jan 15 06:02:50 CET 2004

Hi Joseph,

> To update the materials
> when you link to an object:
> static int convert_NMeshToMesh (Mesh *mesh, BPy_NMesh *nmesh)
> {
> .......
> if(nmesh->materials){
> mesh->mat = EXPP_newMaterialList_fromPyList (nmesh->materials);
> }
> ........
> }
> Is this o.k. to patch?:

Sure.  Commit, I'll help test it.

BTW: I've been busy with the bpython menus stuff, but now it's mostly
done, so I can again participate more here : ).  Got phone line trouble
and couldn't connect from Saturday to Tuesday, too (good for coding, as
Ton said).

After I get confirmation that things are working, I'll email this list
and post at the forums about the new changes for scripts.  All really
minor, nothing broke, but it's pretty nice to see them on menus and
specially updating Blender menus without having to recompile Blender
: ).

Willian, wgermano at ig.com.br

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