[Bf-interface] Blender UI Meeting Notes - March 9 2016

Jonathan Williamson jonathan at cgcookie.com
Thu Mar 10 18:33:30 CET 2016

Your input is always valued Thomas! Please feel free to chime in anytime that time permits. As the official team is concerned, it’s pretty well staffed at the moment (so far as module owners/members go), but input from power users/devs like yourself are always valuable. 


> On Mar 9, 2016, at 3:20 PM, Thomas Beck <software at plasmasolutions.de> wrote:
> Hi Jonathan, 
> could not attend the meeting as my hotel blocked IRC... hrmpf. Just want to jump in and offer my support. Working in the UX, dev + 3D area and being proficient with almost all Blender areas I think that I could give some good input on UI questions / decisions & keep an eye on coherent UX concepts. I can't promise that I can help with developing much as this year's working schedule is already pretty dense, but I would gladly help on everything UI/UX. So if you guys agree, I would gladly join the UX/UI team.
> Best regards, 
> Thomas
> Jonathan Williamson <jonathan at cgcookie.com <mailto:jonathan at cgcookie.com>> schrieb am Mi., 9. März 2016 um 21:20 Uhr:
> Hi, here are the notes from today's meeting in irc.freenode.net <http://irc.freenode.net/> <http://irc.freenode.net/ <http://irc.freenode.net/>> #blenderui.
> 1) Organization
>  - Module Team has been refreshed,Mike Pan, Daniel Lara, and Sebastian Koenig have agreed to join as module members: hhttp://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Doc/Process/Module_Owners/List <>
>  - Currently many Design Tasks are inactive; need more decision and action, less discussion. Also many design tasks suffer from too vague/large scope.
>  — Old and inactive Design Tasks with no clear decision or action will be archived. Can be re-opened if needed.
>  — If task is 3+ months old with no activity it may be closed
>  - Quick Hacks thread on Blender Artists could use some vetting by UI Module Members, adding good issues as Design Tasks
> 2) Current projects
>  - New Simple Keymap is in progress by Jonathan Williamson. Will try and finalize towards end of April, at which time will work with module owners/members to help review. Goal is 2.8 inclusion
>  - Widgets are actively being worked on by Julian Eisel. 
>  — Goal is merge back-end for 2.7x, then full-on widgets in 2.8
>  — Designs still needed for many widgets, Pawél will work with Julian on designs.
>  - Julian would like to revisit Stick Keys, particularly for Pie Menus. Still running into technical roadblocks
>  - Some UI re-organiation is ongoing for menus, such as T46853 <https://developer.blender.org/T46853>, agreed in meeting to hold these kind of changes for 2.8, preventing conflicts with docs and tutorials
>  — any UI changes that break docs/tuts/manuals get held until 2.8
> 3) Other Projects
>  - GUI Redesign tasks are ideal for 2.8, but still quite vague. Nothing in particular to report
>  - We would like to be more inviting to new UI devs; Campbell suggests maintaining list of Quick Hacks that are ideal for new devs: https://developer.blender.org/project/profile/34/ <https://developer.blender.org/project/profile/34/>
> Next UI meeting will take place after the main dev meeting on March 27th: https://blendercoders.xyz <https://blendercoders.xyz/>
> Cheers!
> Jonathan Williamson
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