[Bf-interface] inconsistent usage of keyboard shortcut "L"

Gaia Clary gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Thu Jan 14 13:21:31 CET 2016

I have found an inconsistency with using "L" and SHIFT "L"
for selecting parts of an object. I could not find out if this
should be added as a task to the UI project. So i report here:

For mesh objects in Edit mode:

"L"       : (face selection mode) add mesh under mouse to selection.
SHIFT "L" : (face selection mode) Deselect the mesh under mouse cursor

For Armature objects in Pose Mode:

"L"       : add all connected bones of the bone under the mouse cursor
SHIFT "L" : open the pose library

Note: There is no way to deselect a limb (connected subset of bones)
       from the current bone selection.

For Objects in Object mode:

"L"       : make the object local
SHIFT "L" : select all linked objects

Object selection in Object mode is done differently
by using RMB (to toggle) and SHIFT RMB to accumulate
the selection state of the part.

I suspect this behavior can not be changed or made consistent
all over Blender. However i wanted to report this at least.


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