[Bf-gamedev] Photoshop PSD support

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Thu Sep 26 20:14:58 CEST 2013

The patch is finished, and ready for testers.

You can get the code from github:

Or as a plain patch:

Photoshop sample files:

What works:
* 8bit images (with or without alpha)
* 16bits images (alpha discarded)
* Photoshop files saved with 'Maximum Compatibility'

Render internal, BGE and Blenderplayer work.
Cycles works *but* has alpha issues.
Thumbnails work well when the image has alpha and is 8bit.

Blender takes only the 'composed' layer of the photoshop file (like a flat
version of the file).

Todo list:
* OIIO upstream patch to handle PSD alpha (this will fix Cycles).
* Fix thumbnails for images with less than 4 channels.

This feature is aimed at Blender 2.70. However it would nice to get some
feedback to see if this is working with other engines (e.g., if you can
export a model with a PSD texture from Blender and open on Unity).

For developer/curious minds:
PSD Value Grid: http://goo.gl/FBMiuC
PSD Alpha Formula : http://goo.gl/DyNXDT

The alpha was the tricky part because Photoshop doesn't store alpha in the
same way Blender/OIIO expect. Kudos for 'Gez' and Troy for the initial help
on that, and especial thanks for Brecht for nailing the formula down and
the extensive code review.

Best regards,
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