[Bf-gamedev] BGE to visual Presentation and Blender for easier usage for other gamengines.

Timur Ariman timur_ariman at yahoo.de
Thu Sep 26 19:59:36 CEST 2013

Hello People, 

I thought that the official direction was to make it easier to use (for the users) "more*" open Game engines?

I also thought the money that pays the 2 additional devs, is from the 
Steam workshops which is from people that want to use Blender more in a 
professional direction which is with the usage of other game engines in 


to quote the FAQ site of Blender.org*;
"With stand-alone games however, any data that is included inside the actual stand-alone executable is covered by the GPL."

the BGE sadly doesn´t work like the rest of Blender;
 it's graphics, movies, scripts, exported 3d files or the .blend files 
themselves - is your sole property, and can be licensed or sold under 
any conditions you prefer."


I would strongly vote that the coding afford goes into the direction that Blender works better with other Game engines, 

it would be fine if the BGE gets optimizations but only with the view in mind to make the 

visual presentation easier.
take for example Marmoset Toolbag** this is the direction I wish as an artist, the BGE transforms to, no coding needed to show the Stuff visually as near as possible in the Game engines I would use.(udk,unity,cryengine,source, ogre,Leadwerks, MarmaladeSDK,Construct 2, Game maker and so on) maybe the 2D engines would more remain more on a wish list ;)


for the creation part, the Blender Gamedev Requests/Issues
List, tells the most important aspects to get Blender to a 

viable direction.


my intention in writing this is to get a 3D program which can be hugely helpful to even professionals (I´m far away from that but I think that is a good road since some of them wrote into the Google document)
and opens to the public far more than other solutions with in mind that other programs and solutions can actually be helpful and Blender should be known for the ease of usage for import/export aspects for game engines with a nice visualisation part to make the WYSIWYG available to even the non programmers,  the most artists which would love to use Blender in their creation part for Game engines.

maybe I am confusing this mail-list which seems to only focus on the BGE as a Game engine with the Roadmap form here which proposes another direction;
"What should then be dropped is the idea to make Blender have an embedded
 “true” game engine. We should acknowledge that we never managed to make
 something with the portability and quality of Unreal or Crysis… or even
 Unity3D. And Blender’s GPL license is not helping here much either."


a regular Blender user.
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