[Bf-gamedev] FBX-exporter (initial progress)

Campbell Barton ideasman42 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 16:44:25 CEST 2013

Heres an update on FBX exporter progress.
I was going to mail Bastian directly (since we're looking to work on
FBX-exporter re-upgrade) but no reason to keep it private.

Over the weekend I worked on writing binary FBX data, mostly this was
just a matter of reversing the logic of the parser used for the new
however there were some problems writing the footer (Which the FBX-SDK
is highly picky about).

Just finished with this, and have written up a test script that parses
an FBX into Python data, then re-encodes it back into a valid FBX that
Blender and the FBX-SDK can read.


Encode (main part needed for exporting):

Test re-encode:

Now upgrading the existing exporter should be fairly straightforward.
and not so hard to debug since we can convert the binary data into ascii/json.

- Campbell

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