[Bf-gamedev] Suggestion: Non Linear Exports aka. Export Manager

Animuj Michal mkanimuj at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 09:01:08 CEST 2013


*Lighwave version:*

Export manager binded to the *world data*.
In here we could define object's and export "profiles" used.

Available operators:

   - export all
   - export selected

*Node version:*

Export manager wraped into *Nodes* that could invoke some specific actions
baking AO maps, post processing them and saving.

Some usefull *nodes*:

   - *Bake -* Baking given channel with given settings
   - *Convert - *options to select convertion target. for images it could
   be *.tga and for meshes *.fbx
   - *Combine -* joins meshed based on: groups, name prefixes
   - *Copy* - sending assets to folders based on selecter pattern ie. *.jpg
   to ..\gameengine\textures
   - *Texture/render node - *access to operations available in texture
   nodes for all image layers

code, design, motion

Michał Kuliński

tel. 511 392 930
skype: xachim
gg: 5215788
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