[Bf-funboard] Node "Group Insert" question

Glen Larsen glenl.glx at gmail.com
Tue Oct 3 01:47:21 CEST 2017

As a new document writer for the Blender User Manual I have decided to fill
out "todo" sections in the manual. I am familiar with node editing but have
never used the "Group Insert" functionality and maybe someone can help me
understand its use case. Here are some user activities that might explain
my confusion:

Given a simple node setup, SHADER-A --> GROUP --> MATERIAL OUTPUT . The
GROUP contains some simple functionality that acts on SHADER-A and outputs
a modified shader.

Scenario 1: Create a Value node. Select the new node, shift select GROUP.
Pressing Node->Group Insert will move the Value node into the group,
surround the Value node with a Group Input and Group Output node, and move
the user's editing context to the group. The new Value node output socket
gets connected to the input of the Group Output node.

Scenario 2: Similar to above using a node with input sockets, Math / Add.
Group Insert will create a Group Input node with sockets to match the new
node and attach them. Group Output is created similar to Scenario 1. The
existing Group Input node will get new sockets to match the newly added

Scenario 3: Similar to scenario 2 but with 2 connected sockets, Math/Add
with both output sockets connected to another Math/Add. When added to the
group using Group Insert, neither the new Group Input nor the Group Output
sockets are connected.

My confusion is that all 3 scenarios force additional editing to properly
get to single Group -Input and -Output nodes. If it is the case that
scenario-3 (inserting multiple nodes) is the more typical case, why create
new Group -Input and -Output nodes at all?

Are these reasonable use cases or am I totally missing the point of Group

Thank you for any enlightenment you can provide.

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