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Those attributes are often attached to studio's habits, production particularities. IMHO, in most case, auto naming/settings stuff is not a good idea.
However, with some python scripts/addons, you should be able to do this.
I do a lot of pipeline with blender and that's what I usually do.


Manuel Rais
manu at g-lul.com

17 juillet 2017 16:20 "Gatis Kurzemnieks" <gatis.kurzemnieks at gmail.com> a écrit:

> Hi.
> I was wondering if there are any plans for implementing some sort of
> automatic naming tags in Blender for file paths, pass names, compositor
> nodes etc.
> What I mean is - some sort of special templating codes in naming (like ####
> for frame number, \\ for project root) but for other things, that get
> replaced when rendering:
> - current scene name
> - current renderlayer name (although I guess this would not work in
> compositor as many renderlayers can be used at the same time)
> - current camera name
> - resolution
> - rendering range
> - scene frame rate
> - project (blend) file name
> - maybe something more that would be useful?
> This would be super useful for creating templatized scenes and compositor
> setups, that can be easily reused in different cases.
> For example - I could write "\\..\Render\color_[scene]\" in my Output nodes
> path and [scene] would be replaced by current scene name during render.
> Then I could also use this to name Output node inputs etc.
> This could also be very useful when loading textures for materials - we
> could set up material that loads texture according to scene name where it
> is used etc. Same for external caches.
> This would allow creating basic pipelines with blender in center.
> Another idea is to add "string" input and output ports to compositor nodes .
> String output to Render Layer node that can be passed into File output node
> so it can use render layers name automatically..
> Of course this would need to be thought out very thoroughly, but I just
> wanted to say that Blender would benefit greatly even from simple
> "templatization" tools.
> There is a similar system called Tokens in Cinema 4D and it is super
> useful.
> Thanks.
> Gatis
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