[Bf-funboard] Camera - Panoramic in 3D viewport

mond at email.cz mond at email.cz
Wed May 27 18:14:46 CEST 2015

is it possible to see a "Panoramic" lenses in 3D viewport?

Viewport offers standard "Perspective" lens through Camera view for this 
Panoramic lenses.

Like now I'm interested in "Fisheye Equistant" type.

I do some fulldome animation - text and simple objects with solid colors.

Since my renders in this case are only simple solid colors, I could render 
animation with "OpenGL render active viewport" faster.

Even I set all Cycles values to zero and I only keep 10 samples to get clean
edges of text, it's still faster use OpenGL render.

Blender Renderer doesn't offer this type of lenses.

Thank you for more info.

Filip (vklidu)

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