[Bf-funboard] An small idea on Multi-Number Button Editing feature

- LEON - leon4you at gmail.com
Thu May 21 06:08:48 CEST 2015

Well first this is a really cool and convenient feature already. I just
want to point out that when editing multiple values, currently it only
allows continuous selection. Say, I want to control X and Z scale together,
it seems not that simple in this way.

So I think it might be possible to inverse the highlight state of the last
value that the current mouse cursor is over. For example, for the Scale
matrix, when dragging from X towards Z, there have to be a moment that the
cursor is over Y value, but maybe we can press some key once (Alt for
example) by that time, it will unhighlight Y, then we can go down
straightforward to Z.

I know, for the Transformation values, we still have other ways (such as S
> Shift Y > NumInput). But it would be more useful for other customized
things (which may have more than 3 values to edit, such as customized nodes
or something).

FYI. Thanks.

Leon Cheung
a.k.a. Zhang Yu | 老猫

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