[Bf-funboard] Local View Coordinates = Local Coordinates of active object

Jason van Gumster fweeb at monsterjavaguns.com
Thu Jul 30 18:52:47 CEST 2015

Adam Preisler <adam at preisler.me> wrote:

> Hi Blenderheads,
> Right now Local View seems to only hide all other objects (and center on
> selected one) and that functionality already comes with hiding (H, Alt+H
> and Shift+H) and then, if need be, pressing the dot on NUMPAD to focus 3D
> view on selected.
> The way I think it should be is that if you add a cube in Global View, then
> you rotate it around Z axis by 45 degrees and now you press / to go to
> Local View, the cube seemingly rotates back, because the global coordinate
> system is changed into the local coordinate system of that Cube.
> This can help in a TON of cases when you are editing one larger object and
> you want to be able to use camera views and not press X, Y or Z two times
> on each occasion and you could even have View Transform Orientation active
> which is oftentimes very useful. If more objects are selected, the active
> one's local coordinates are used for the Local View.

While I understand the desire to reduce key presses, I'm not a huge fan of this
idea as it requires me to remember a *different* set of hotkeys based on
whether or not I'm in Local View. Muscle memory for the double-tap of X, Y, or
Z is already pretty ingrained from working in the rest of Blender. I think it
would be frustrating (for me, at least) for things to work differently in just
this circumstance.


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