[Bf-funboard] Local View Coordinates = Local Coordinates of active object

Adam Preisler adam at preisler.me
Thu Jul 30 12:44:58 CEST 2015

Hi Blenderheads,

Right now Local View seems to only hide all other objects (and center on
selected one) and that functionality already comes with hiding (H, Alt+H
and Shift+H) and then, if need be, pressing the dot on NUMPAD to focus 3D
view on selected.

The way I think it should be is that if you add a cube in Global View, then
you rotate it around Z axis by 45 degrees and now you press / to go to
Local View, the cube seemingly rotates back, because the global coordinate
system is changed into the local coordinate system of that Cube.

This can help in a TON of cases when you are editing one larger object and
you want to be able to use camera views and not press X, Y or Z two times
on each occasion and you could even have View Transform Orientation active
which is oftentimes very useful. If more objects are selected, the active
one's local coordinates are used for the Local View.

Thanks for reading,


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