[Bf-funboard] Graph Editor key value display & input suggestions

Julio Iglesias j at zafio.com
Wed Jul 15 18:26:30 CEST 2015

> If you open up the properties region of the graph editor, you can input
> a specific value for the active keyframe there, but you cannot copy to
> selected like you can for other attributes.

I know, but the point is to avoid having to open the panel and look for the
key value panel. Some would say what I suggest is superfluous, but think
about not using shortcuts at all, you can actually work without most
shortcuts, but makes the workflow way slower. This might be a tiny
improvement, but still, an improvement.

> If you go to view -> check "show sliders" you can input a value like
> most other attributes in blender (click on the value, type number, press
> enter OR click and drag down the list to set all values the same OR
> click drag down, then sideways to scrub them all up or down). However,
> that will not change the keyframe you have selected, but the current
> value on the curve. So if you don't have a key on that frame, adjusting
> the value in the slider will create a new key.

Yep, it is useful, but not as quick and versatile as it should, so I think
what I suggest would be a nice complement.

> I'm throwing in a vote for being able to set multiple key values at
> once. You can snap cursor to key, then snap selected keys to cursor, but
> that's a four or five step process for something that should take two or
> three at most. Being able to copy to selected would be best, I think.
> That would make it consistent with the rest of blender.

 +1 there!

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