[Bf-funboard] Side panels autoscroll

Bassam Kurdali bassam at urchn.org
Tue Jul 14 17:45:20 CEST 2015

Originally I thought of this as a bug, but I think care would need to
be taken to avoid the UI 'jumping':
Imagine the following scenario:

1- You have an object with a huge modifier stack, scrolled to the
2- You want to select or create another object (say an empty as the
'object' field for the modifier)
3- You then click back on your original object to add that field.

- Currently, you'll find the modifier stack scrolled to where you left
it, convenient for finishing the job.

- If we do auto scrolling on change in context The modifier stack will
(uselessly) scroll up when we create/select the empty. Clicking back,
we'll have to scroll back down to find our place.

- Conclusion:

Maybe this would require some design work, for instance: saving the
modifier scroll state (or other window scroll state) based on the
context ? or the selected object ? It would have to be generic enough
to be useful I guess. Perhaps there would still be annoying corner
cases, though...

On Tue, 2015-07-14 at 10:11 +0200, Adam Preisler wrote:
> Hello Maxim,
> This actually happens very often in Blender. Not only in the 
> properties
> panel, but also in blender editor types like Properties.
> I have no idea how hard it would be to detect if newly accessible
> information is not visible and there is a need to automatically 
> scroll down
> for it.
> Either way, this is a very low priority problem since some people 
> would
> even find it better this way. I for example know about this and 
> without
> such auto-scroll I am able to scroll how I wish. No uncontrolled 
> automatic
> jumping of information across screen is a good thing in this case.
> I can however see how this would be a problem for new users, since 
> the menu
> they opened is not visible at first.
> In my opinion, it would be more wise to aim for higher goals than to 
> fix
> these small issues.
> Blend on!
> Adam
> On 14 July 2015 at 09:25, Maxim Tkachenko <malefic.max at gmail.com> 
> wrote:
> > Hi all!
> > I often add images to the background and there is a little annoying
> > problem, that can be easily fixed, I think. Background images 
> > scroll is in
> > the bottom by default (yes, I know, it can be dragged to another 
> > position)
> > and when an image selected, it adds a LOT of options, which appear 
> > hidden
> > and I have to scroll down to adjust them. Then I add another image, 
> > and
> > again I had to scroll.
> > It is obvious, that user has to use options right after selecting
> > background image, so... why not to auto-scroll the panel, so the 
> > options
> > block could be fully visible?
> > 
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