[Bf-funboard] Paint brush scale in BU rather than in pixels

gandalf3 zzyxpaw at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 03:54:48 CEST 2015

On 07/05/15 12:46, Maxim Therrien wrote:
> Hi all, today there was an user on IRC who asked if they could keep their
> paint brush size from changing when they zoomed in and out (The brush size
> is currently relative to screen pixels).
> The user and I thought it would be nice to have such a functionality in
> Blender (scaling the brush in BUs instead of surface size), and I was
> wondering if it was possible to also show the brush warping along the
> geometry when it hits a corner, for example.
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The latter was actually implemented as part of the 2011 GSoC 
but never made it into master.. I wonder why?
I've noticed a lot of features written in GSoCs that never go in (e.g. 
with rigid bodies 


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