[Bf-funboard] RGB Curve Node – cursor jumps back

mond at email.cz mond at email.cz
Tue Apr 28 10:48:37 CEST 2015

On mouse release, cursor jumps (or appear) back on place of initial click.

That's really uncomfortable and unexpected behavior.


What does it mean in everyday situations?

Accidentally reverted just done adjustment.


Eyes were watching image to see result and didn't noticed that cursor jumped
back … by another click (to continue in adjusting curve) is first action 
like reseted to initial state. 


What I (and I'm sure others) do, is to grab a RGB curve and watch image 
(don't curve) to see how adjustment results. Result is not refreshed 
(visible) until you release curve dragging, after than you can see result 
and click again to continue adjusting curve. But this is not that bad.

The bad part is fact that for each step of curve adjusting we have to travel
our eyes over screen - from image to node - repeatedly to hunt control point
by "jumping" cursor.

This "jump" is maybe helpful behavior for value slider, but definetely not 
for curves.

I fight with this behavior for many years, so I want to ask if it possible 
to change behavior into expected behavior.

Or is there for this behavior any reason?

Thank you for your attention and your opinion.

Filip (vklidu)

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