[Bf-funboard] Intelligent History stack request

Benoit Gérin-Lajoie stargate at dsuper.net
Mon Sep 29 22:14:31 CEST 2014


I am a newly Blender user (1-2 weeks) after
having downloaded and rapidly put aside Blender couple of years ago.

Now, necessity led
me to redownload and use the latest Bender version and I want to address a feature rarely
addressed (pleonasm) that leads to frustrations, mainly : the undo "history" stack !

When we do "undo", we go to a detailed undo history stack that is TOO detailed :
there are steps that should be leapfroged over in that stack history like : the back and forth
selection of things.

What I want to suggest is a configuration sheet (Tab in
Tools) containing a 2D grid where on one axis are listed the objects and on the other are listed
the category of history actions like : Selection, Move, Scale, Position, Dimension, Transformation
[Vertex - Edge - Face), Transforms, etc... The user could check a checkbox over each actions he
wishes to include in the history to undo. Of course, all actions will be recorded but the user
could, from this history grid, decide which actions he likes to be... undone ! and to which objet
it should refer to.  

Of course, you would add an "All" checkbox for the object
row, and another to the actions row.

Au plaisir


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