[Bf-funboard] Simple Grab Functionality Improvement

Adam Preisler adam at preisler.me
Wed Oct 29 16:26:04 CET 2014

Short as possible:

This is the function I wish to improve: Translate(move selected items) -
it's shortcut is G

Usually I need to move stuff in grids, but sometimes I also use snap to
vertex. Mostly it comes to switching between snap elements real often.

Current use scenario of turning on/off snapping while modelling:

1 Selecting vertices snap element Ctrl + Shift + Tab + clickable choice
2 Moving selection to vertex G + hold Ctrl
3 Selecting increment snap element Ctrl + Shift + Tab + clickable choice

All this can take a long time during the whole modelling session and as
I've seen, people use snap to vertex or face more often than anything else.

Proposal: Implement snap as a suboption (subshortcut?) for the "Translate"
functionality because snapping is VERY tightly bound to translation of mesh.

While moving selection using G, you have option so select axis or input
actual distance to move it, there would also be NEW option to turn on snap
to vertex while moving it or to turn of snap to face respectively.

Just like wasd are keys you can freely use while flying with the
camera/view (Shift + F).

All this functionality is already in Blender so I hope it wouldn't be too
hard to implement.

PS: maybe implement in rotate and scale aswell I guess.

Thank you for your time,

Adam Preisler
Czech Republic

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