[Bf-funboard] numerical input handling proposed change

W. Nelson indigitalspace at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 9 18:38:32 CET 2014

I would like to propose a fundamental change to how numerical input is handled to make setting experimentation easier.

Keeping in mind that the number pad is also used for hot keys, I propose that numerical input in a field would keep the number highlighted for further change after pressing enter rather than releasing the selection.

To allow for releasing the selection to make the number pad available for hot key usage, I recommend  a double <enter> pressed test can be done or as usual a <tab> or clicking out of the element will work.

I find myself constantly reselecting or deleting numbers to experiment with settings.  With a workflow need for speed and efficiency, the current method is counter productive.  It slows down the workflow, decreases efficiency, is prone to errors and makes this simple task very tedious.

I use other programs that have this keep selected method and it is a proven good method.  I am sure a majority of Blender users new and old would benefit from this change in numerical input behavior.  

There may be some effect on users habit of having the number pad immediately available after entering in a number.  But IMHO that is minimal compared to the benefit of the proposed new behavior.

Respectfully submitted for consideration and all feedback welcome.


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