[Bf-funboard] Request: Pressure and Vacuum physics for Fluids

Mike S bluejersey112 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 4 14:25:33 CET 2014

I am experimenting with the Blender Fluid Simulator and I wanted to create a simulation of Hero's Fountain, which requires that air pressure interacts with the water pressure in order to work. I don't believe that Blender has the proper physics to do this, but if someone could create this: It would vastly expand the possibilities of what could be done with Blender. As components like pistons and impellers could be used, as well as other pneumatic/hydraulic devices.

Density is also another important feature, as hydraulic fluid or water is heavier than air, and multiple fluids are used in many devices.

If anyone could create this or put out some ideas toward creating this: It would make Blender a lot more useful for fluid simulation, and allow it to compete with expensive, proprietary pneumatic fluid simulators.


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