[Bf-funboard] Converting toggle buttons to pie menus

Jude Jackson syzygy6 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 02:42:44 CEST 2014

There was some talk for a while about introducing pie menus to Blender,
which to my knowledge never really got off the ground. I'm just going to
throw this out, since it's a way that pie menus could be implemented to add
functionality without changing any current use.

Just for example, we have tab to switch the 3D viewport between the current
and the last-used mode. That's fine, but if you hold tab all it does is
rapidly flash between the Object and Edit modes as fast as your computer
can accept input. My proposal is to add to that: If you tap tab, it would
still switch to the last-used mode, but if you *hold* tab, it could pull up
a pie menu giving you access to all of the available modes. Simply move
your selection to the preferred mode and release tab to select (note: the
last used mode would always be in the center, so tapping tab would have the
same function).


I haven't tried prototyping this so I don't know how it would feel best to
use, though I imagine that for menus that would be frequently used, and
require more than four options, a gear-shifting menu would work better than
a big multi-pronged daisy menu; it's easier to make simple directional
gestures with the mouse than to move it in a very precise direction. This
same type of system could be added to other keys, providing more
functionality on fewer keys without being more difficult to use. Well, in
theory anyway, I haven't tested it so I wouldn't know.

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