[Bf-funboard] Space saving UI proposal

Bassam Kurdali bassam at urchn.org
Wed Apr 9 22:30:01 CEST 2014

Some nitpicks:

* Cursor settings *is* (potentially) specific the the 3D view; aside
from the scene global setting, each view can have it's own cursor. This
might complicate the proposal a bit.

* Mirroring transformation in the 3D view and Properties by default is
not 'consistent' or 'compact' but it is very pragmatic, as it is very
handy there, less so in properties. So moving it to properties by
default and not in 3D view has the practical effect of taking something
commonly needed and putting it somewhere more hidden.. (the rest of the
proposal helps you get it back, but not by default - new users will
struggle to find it, experienced ones will be forced to tweak their uis
every time)

* I think needs more design and thought, for instance: can you drag/pin
a panel from the UV image editor or node editor into the 3D view? what
happens when node selection/material/image in the original editor
changes? why floating panels in the 3d view only?

* More design and thought: I see blender in this proposal as a sculpting
application, with no consideration for animation, rigging, compositing,
or any other workflow. 

* I feel that you should join the UI discussions happening on
developer.blender.org, and see the mockups by william reynish and
others.. otherwise this is becoming a jumble of proposals that don't fit
together and break each other (i.e. one proposal from you breaks another
by william, etc...)

* (related) Proposal is so big that I think it will just generate
endless discussion on funboard without any action.

PS: I'm not a developer just a user who sometimes dabbles- from my
perspective I sculpt only a little bit, so I'm less knowlegable about
the improvements to that workflow.

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