[Bf-funboard] Modelling Feature Proposal - Improved Individual Centers Functionality

Adam Preisler adam at preisler.me
Wed Apr 9 13:35:20 CEST 2014


I've already sent this once a month ago, but I forgot to add a subject (can
happen to anyone! :)). Oh well, here goes:

I'm new here so here's something about me: User of blender for 10 years
(version 2.36), I was 12 back then, now I study architecture. I understand
how coded stuff works but I am unable to code myself yet (too much stuff to
do, will get there).

*I think Blender needs stronger individual origins algorithm.Please
download this .blend file It's much better explained in it:


(context: edit mode, face selection mode)

Now individual centers work like this: Blender finds if the selected faces
are connected (make an island) and then if they are, it somehow calculates
the normal of the island (not average, I tried that) and that is perceived
as the center of all these connected faces (islands of faces).
In this new way, each face would have an individual origin, not the whole
island of faces. Again, see the .blend file for more info on that, I try to
explain it when it comes to rotation there.
It's harder to code because the faces would all be moving along their
respective normal, but also affect the movement of faces around. But I know
it's possible, all the information is there. I think best way of doing it
would be to affect (split) each face apart, then do the action (rotate,
move, scale, extrude) and automatically merging the vertices that were only
one vertex in the past back so the mesh stays exactly the same about of
faces. This is visible on the image linked below at the start of "Image

In many cases, you want individual centers to work as they do now, so it's
not really a bug, but an additional option for individual origins like this
would be nice.

Today's way how individual origins work should actually be called something
like "individual islands".

It would be very useful for extruding circular face loops outwards without
using scale which actually fakes it and I am sure it has many other uses.

*Image Description*

Image link: http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=68064

What you see: Three 4x4 quad grids rounded outwards using proportional edit
and sphere fall off on the middle vertex.

On the left we have 2x2 quads in the middle selected and extruded using
individual centers as they work now. You can see the calculation of the
normal for extrustion is wrong, I am not sure what is it exactly based on,
but it is not correct obviously. Probably has something to do with vertices
index in mesh data.

In the middle we have the same, but first all quads are split from each
other and the base mesh so they can be extruded separately with all of them
using their respective normal.

On the right you see the proposed functionality of the individual centers.
Basically it's the middle mesh but the vertices that initially shared same
quads are merged to their average location (Alt+M -> At Center).

Have a good day!

PS: This is my first time mailing to funboard. I looked for some
information on how to post ideas and I hope I've not confused anyone. If
there are problems with the way I wrote about this, please let me know.

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