[Bf-funboard] floating windows don't stay on top!

GSR gsr.b3d at infernal-iceberg.com
Fri Sep 27 02:17:59 CEST 2013

karl.kuehberger at gmail.com (2013-09-26 at 0839.48 +0200):
> For me the non-overlapping paradigm seems to be a non-overlapping
> dogma as the right-click-selection is a dogma.

They have become dogmas, but just because it seems nobody remembers
the reason behind them. They were not blind decissions. Maybe against
the majority, but not lacking a serious purpose.

Ton mentioned it was "exercise the fingers more evenly" what gave
"right click for some selections", instead of overloading one
finger. Same thing about using both hands, spread the physical load
across the body. And he even mentioned swapping* the mouse himself
every now and then.

The non overlapping concept derives from having things visible and not
having to move things around, wasting time cleaning up the interface
instead of investing in real work. Sadly, as demostrated by complains,
now people waste time navigating vertical bars.

Also the original toolbox (before version 2) was a compact rectangle,
or things appeared under the pointer, to reduce mouse travel not to
become just annoying popups or be different for the fun of it.

*: a bit hardcore, as not everyone can reach such levels of
ambidextrous skill, but anybody that plays sports like tennis knows
you have to keep a compesated training.

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