[Bf-funboard] Critical improvements and features

Karl Kühberger karl.kuehberger at gmail.com
Tue Sep 24 10:29:46 CEST 2013

Sorry for "spamming"! But I want to post my ideas how to
make the Blender UI better. 

I often thought about the File Open or Save As dialogue in Blender.
What is the advantage of having a totally non-standard file handling window?
E. g. a Blender newbie probably may ask himself why he can add a new object
or play a rendered animation (maybe he never has done an animation) while he 
is in the "Save As" dialogue. That's just weird!
On the other hand he probably is searching for a file and misses the Search field!

OK, I understand, that it would be more work for developers to make it different in
every OS, e.g. using the OS-GUI instead of the Blender specific.

I have no experience with Linux, but the differences between Mac OS and Windows
are marginal. Why not build a File Window similar to Mac OS or Windows and use
it for all operating systems.

For me as a Mac user it would be no problem when it looks like Windows, nevertheless
I would prefer the Mac look ;-)

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