[Bf-funboard] Reduce scrolling in properties editor

Bol Bib bollebib at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 21 12:16:25 CEST 2013

I recently posted  this idea on the funboard  (with more explanation if you are confused)

the idea was basicly to put the breadcrumbs on top of the properties to good use as actual object/material/texture switch buttons.

The actual work involved should be small as  those buttons already exist all over Blender. (but I might be wrong)

On blender artists there was an idea from someone else to reduce mousetravel (and thus handstrain and timeloss) even more with this:


->a context menu called with a shorcut. The context window should be a native blender theme ofcourse,but it's merely to illustrate the point.

With breadcrumbs buttons on top and a context window under your fingers you will be able to work much quicker in the properties editor.
When working it can become confusing to know on which material/texture/object you are working,and currently blender provides no way to show this  in a meaningful way when traveling through the properties.

It would be great to hear feedback from a developper if this is achievable and/or wanted.

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