[Bf-funboard] RMB to cancel input

Constantin Rahn crahn at vrchannel.de
Mon Mar 25 09:46:25 CET 2013

Thank you Ton for your implementation of my request. :)
It's working very well on windows.
A small change for a Dev, one giant leap for usebility. ;)

Happy blending

Am 28.01.2013 10:10, schrieb Constantin Rahn:
> Hey,
> I have a small feature request, the possiblillity to cancel the LMB
> input in "Number Buttons" with RMB.
> It would be the same function, like the ESC key.
> I have searched in the key map, but can't find a way to set it to RMB in
> the UserPrefs.
> In the Wiki:
> http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.6/Manual/Interface/Buttons_and_Controls#Number_Buttons
> "2. To change the value in a wider range, hold down LMB Template-LMB.png
> <http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/File:Template-LMB.png> and drag the
> mouse to the left or right." ...
> "Pressing Esc will cancel editing."
> Pressing RMB without releasing the LMB should have the same effects as
> pressing ESC.
> - It would be faster for the workflow, bec. you don't have to move your
> other hand to the ESC-key.
> - It's intuitive. ( A lot of applications do it this way)
> - It would be consistent to other cancelation of input with RMB. (Right
> now, you can cancel the "g/grab movement", and value input into "Number
> Buttons" with RMB, too)
> I have asked Ton about this feature some weeks ago, but he said (if I
> remember correctly), that it is problematic, bec. there is no OS-Event
> for "LMB+RMB".
> But there is no OS-Event for "LMB+ESC" also, and we have this feature
> right now.
> Could someone confirm Tons opinion on my request?
> Do I have missed a setting in the key map?
> Some more users who would find this feature a nice to have?
> Greetings and happy blending
> Conz
> (I'm not a Dev., so I can't do it myself)
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