[Bf-funboard] Toolbar mockups

Vincent Akkermans vincent at ack-err.net
Tue Jul 23 14:22:17 CEST 2013

On Tuesday, 23 July 2013 at 04:37, David Jeske wrote:

> I like where this is going...
> 1) Using a few clear icons for key operations seems to create some helpful
> landmarks without turning into a giant grid of icons.
> 2) I like the direct hotkey display, especially for G/R/S.
> 3) I like the removal of the confusing bottom-half operator panel location,
> though I think for some operations it could be helpful if there was a more
> direct way to trigger the operation and show the panel.. In your previous
> mockups you did this with right-click... that's a possibility, or perhaps
> some operator buttons could have a "..." flyout to trigger the operator and
> the F6 menu together.

The imagined functionality of the button's right click panel is to set the operator defaults, so this wouldn't actually execute the operator.

The idea of having a two part button where the left just executes the operator and the right executes and brings up the panel is interesting. We spoke briefly on IRC about how to decide which operators would get such a look and which wouldn't. Perhaps operators with a modal callback wouldn't and the rest would. Or perhaps, as you suggested, operators could be marked explicitly. 

I'd rather give the operator redo panel more prominence, but I'm not sure how to do this yet.
> 4) I think the "..." popup idea is interesting, as it could allow using the
> toolbar much more effectively without scrolling. I'm not super-crazy about
> the "..." visual or the look of the popup-menu-panel (why not just make it
> look like the subpanel itself?) However, I think this is worth some
> experimentation.

I was indeed imagining that the popup panel would look like the normal panel, but with a black background (the loop tools popup panel in the mockup actually looks like that in Blender).

Any ideas about what would be a better metaphor for this? I'm hesitant to make it too prominent. I like the show/hide that appears on a mouseover in some of OSX's designs: http://www.pasteall.org/pic/56170 (mouse is on top of Show, but isn't in the screenshot).


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