[Bf-funboard] property panel "switch" section toggles.. thoughts?

Ruth Ivimey-Cook ruth at ivimey.org
Tue Jul 16 00:57:04 CEST 2013

Hadrien Brissaud wrote:
> And since you linked William Reynish's blog post : it's great wanting to
> clean up the GUI, only Blender is not a decorative object, and it is
> important that many functions stay accessible without having to open a
> menu, even though they "clutter" (really, they're just damn handy).
> Indicators like the snap toggle, etc. have to stay visible so that there is
> no ambiguity for the user as to whether it's on or off at the moment
> (without having to try and grab something to be sure).
I agree 100% that it must be functional, and that there is a lot of info 
that must be available quickly. I do get frustrated in fact that so many 
things are hidden in menus rather than "opened out"....

One of the problems is that many users will regard different parts of 
the UI as necessary and redundant, so it's perfectly possible that 
someone can perfectly rationally believe something can be relegated to a 
menu when others might believe that to be insane.

One of the good things about MS Windows UI is that an awful lot of the 
UI can be navigated fairly efficiently without a mouse, by dint of Alt- 
shortcuts, use of cursor and tab key focus movement and other 
techniques. Can Blender benefit more from such generic techniques?

We won't move forward by saying it's hard. It's good to investigate 


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