[Bf-funboard] property panel "switch" section toggles.. thoughts?

David Jeske davidj at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 06:21:44 CEST 2013

Property panel sections are busy and hard to follow, somewhat on account of
the un-aligned text-titles. The text-titles are unaligned because of the
section enable/disable checkboxes pushing them around. Those checkboxes are
also easily confused with checkboxes in the sections..

Harley and I have tossed around a bunch of ideas to try to allow the titles
to align, and it's a tough problem. Today, the idea of using
mobile-inspired "switch" toggles came up. They make the section toggles
more clear, can be placed on the right to align the text, and work with
both the current default theme, and when background and header colors are

Here is the concept on the default theme.. (this is not a final switch
icon, just a concept)


Here is the concept with "show header + show background" themes turned on:



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