[Bf-funboard] JSON Cam - open-source camera suite

Gene Crucean emailgeneonthelist at gmail.com
Sat Jul 13 06:57:50 CEST 2013

Hey guys,

Who's in the mood for some open-source camera I/O code? I'm kind of getting
bummed out on having to write the same camera tools at every studio just to
get a simple, lightweight and most importantly reliable camera pushed
around from app to app. FBX does *not* cut it, not to mention it's not
available for all apps that could make use of it. So I thought I would whip
up a spec based on json and offer it up open source so anyone willing to
donate some time, could create some simple tools to import/export for their
favorite app. The spec is VERY lightweight the goal is to have I/O for all
3D apps in the same repo as a nice little suite that anyone can use and
tweak to their hearts content.

I already have Softimage and Houdini plugins working. The goal is to at
least have plugins that all read and write the same spec from Houdini,
Softimage, Maya, Max, Blender, Nuke... and more. I've built the Soft one
using PyQt and it would be nice to maintain some consistency between apps,
so I'm hopeful that the other versions could be based off of the same .ui

What do you guys think? Any interest in this? I know it's a simple thing
but I'm sure a lot of you also write these tools at studios quite a bit too
and could possibly be into something like this.

Check out the spec and source, and if you have time to play, dig in here:

https://vimeo.com/70221864 (sorry for the lack of mic this time)

If anyone has time, energy or knowledge to donate to a very simple effort
it would be much appreciated as I don't currently know the Blender API's.
And for those who don't know about json... it's basically a 1:1 python
dictionary. So all you need to do is build a dictionary that matches the
spec and save it to a file with 2 lines of code.

If you have completely zero interest in this... no worries. Thanks for

p.s. Is PyQt/PySide even an option for Blender yet? Sorry for the noob


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