[Bf-funboard] modal drag modifier-key-discovery

Matjaz Lamut matjaz.lamut at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 22:02:45 CEST 2013

> Makes sense. In this case though (unless I'm clued-out) the only toggles
> are
> "Z" and "C" keys. Those keys change a mode so it is nice to know what mode
> you are in now, not just what you'd get by hitting the key (my initial
> idea).  But
> Ctrl and Shift are only modifiers so there should be no need to show on/off
> since they only do something special while those keys are held down.

Harley, sounds fine and makes sense. The effect of shift and ctrl with the
knife tool is obvious enough and you need to hold them (thus actively
giving them some attention and being aware they are enabled), so I agree
these two don't need the on / off indicators in the header.

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