[Bf-funboard] 2-axis manipulator designs...

David Jeske davidj at gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 05:05:02 CEST 2013

@W. Nelson - are you thinkiong of Vino? He was a 2012 GSOC participant who
checked a 2-axis manipulator into the Bratwurst branch... You can test it
out in this binary build...


I like the hover-feedback in Vino's code. I think it would be reasonable to
merge his 2-axis scale and hover-feedback -- and possibly use Neal's
visual. I don't think we should use Vino's 2-axis translate as-is, because
it makes the hit-target for axis-translate really small and that is the
common operation.

Vino has a bunch of other UI experiments in there too. You can sort of
figure it out by piecing through this stuff...


I'd like to revive Vino's code for UI panel drag-collapse but in a
different way than he used it. I just want to turn it on when actually
initiating a drag-split, so the drag-split H, drag-split V, and
drag-collapse operations all become one continuous thing, instead of the
current situation where once it splits you are stuck with the split.

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