[Bf-funboard] A needed node.

Ильдар Ахметгалее Ильдар Ахметгалее
Tue Jul 2 01:16:30 CEST 2013

Recenly I had done animation with a lot of soap bubbles. Each of this 
bubble had two random colors. I had used BI.

I did group node with shader for bubble and inputs for random colors, 
then made independend copy of whole material for each bubble but with 
linked group conaining almost all shaders's logick except random 
parameters. Then I wrote simple script withch sets random values for 
each slot for random colors in each material.

So I have random colors and have control over it. I can set and animate 
these colors if I need.

This is test render of my bubbles http://youtu.be/h-AWGrQ5tRQ

Knapp пишет:
> On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 8:52 PM, Jason van Gumster <
> jason at handturkeystudios.com> wrote:
>> Perhaps this is a dumb question, but random color/number on what event?
>> Screen
>> refresh? Frame change?
>> If it's the latter, why not simply keyframe the color on an RGB node (or
>> the
>> number on a Value node) and add a Noise modifier to the desired channels
>> in the
>> Graph Editor? I've done this before in the compositor nodes and BI's
>> material
>> nodes. I haven't tried with the Cycles' nodes, but I can't image it
>> wouldn't
>> work.
>>    -Jason
> Keyframe would only work with animation. I don't do much of that. Noise, I
> have played with but show me a working cycles file. It is also not clear
> what you get out of the Noise Node.
> Here is a sample blend. It is using a random number to color particles.
> Note that the color is not very random.
>   http://www.pasteall.org/blend/22469


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