[Bf-funboard] Render size percent in compositor

Tony Mullen tony.mullen at gmail.com
Fri Aug 30 08:23:21 CEST 2013


Currently, the compositor treats the render size as the values entered in
"Resolution" on the render panel multiplied to the appropriate percentage
entered in the percent field. So if I have an 800x600 render size setting
and 50 in the percent field, the compositor treats this as a 400x300
render. As far as I am aware the "percent" value isn't really used in any
meaningful way.

The way I use the percent field is to make smaller test renders or to set
it smaller while compositing so that the calculations aren't so heavy. I
always have my project set to be rendered at the finished size at 100

The problem is that if I do my compositing at a smaller percent, all
pixel-based values such as translations, blurs, etc are all wrong for the
final render. Up until now I've been adjusting these by hand before making
my final renders, or if I have the foresight I rig up a node system where I
can at least change all the values using a single value node containing a
multiplier that corresponds to the percent I'm rendering at. But both of
these are a pretty big pain in the neck, and I don't think they should be

My preference would be to always correct the values so that they were right
for rendering at 100 percent. The number entered in the field should apply
to a 100 percent sized render, and the displayed image should have pixel
values resized (internally) by the appropriate percent value so that it
looks right. However, if people have a reason to prefer the way the percent
works currently, another suggestion would be to add a check box on nodes
with pixel-based values that said something like "Correct for resized
render" or something.



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