[Bf-funboard] multitexture for GLSL?

Bol Bib bollebib at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 13 18:08:37 CEST 2013

I was working with multiple UV maps and I kept breaking my head over why I couldn't see the result I was expecting,as I seemed to be doing everything right.

Turns out that GLSL doesn't take into account if you turn off "repeat UV map" . 
This results in a schizofrenic experience where the viewport seemingly only can show 1 texture on the same mesh  reliably (usually the one on top in the stack.)

chosing multitexture DOES work,but then you lose the advantages of GLSL.

When you render all is well,luckily but it seems like a strange oversight that this does not work in the 3D view,for GLSL .

Is this something that can be changed? Or is it already possible ?

GLSL actually shows multiple textures (you can test this with 2nd texture on top that is not fully opaque) but because it doesn't take repeat settings into account,it does not seem to work properly. 

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