[Bf-funboard] Feature Proposal: Freehand/Custom Mesh Object Type

Jim Adkins adekyn at gmail.com
Sun Aug 11 17:33:42 CEST 2013

The ability to draw in freehand by inserting a vertex, using CTRL-LMB, is a
powerful Blender feature.

It is often the case, especially in the first stage of a project that
utilizes image plane references, that a user needs the ability to begin
tracing the reference.

As noted above Blender supports this concept, however, getting to this
point is not a streamlined process.

The user must:

1) add a new object (Add-->Mesh--> 'random object')
2) toggle to edit mode
3) delete the mesh object's vertices
4)...at this point the user can now use the CTRL-LMB tool to add a
5) User should rename original object used to kick-start this process

What if Blender supported a new "user defined" Mesh type?



Which would:

a) create a "mass-less" editable object
b) place the the user in edit mode

...so that the user could immediately begin drawing with vertices.


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