[Bf-funboard] Proportional edit mode functionality: proposed shortcut and icon changes

Bol Bib bollebib at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 11 15:36:58 CEST 2013

could we have a different color or icon for proportional edit mode "enable" or "projected 2D"? It is not very helpful having the same icon for those 2 , it doesn't help you tell which one is active.

The only way to know is to press the button which is tedious at best.

As a  second point of attention we only have a shortcut for enable, and connected.

I don't actually need a shortcut specificly for projected,but maybe connected shorcut could be decimated as well.
I would prefer to only enable and disable via "o" ,which would activate/deactivate the LAST used mode.

doublepress "o" and you should get a menu (like CTRL+TAB) to choose between the (currrently 3) different modes. 

alt+o could also be used for this,instead of a double press,as doublepress could maybe cause an issue as a toggle,but the same functional argument holds. We should get a quickmenu to choose modes.


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