[Bf-funboard] Armature Parenting Bug

Bassam Kurdali bassam at urchn.org
Tue Jan 17 19:41:22 CET 2012

> It just would be logical to automatically remove the armature modifier if the parenting is cleared.
 Just doing this simplistically could be dangerous. [maybe] give
armature modifier it's own hotkey, and reserve ctrl-p for just parenting
would be ok.

 ctrl-p also creating a modifier is a (perhaps convenient) holdover from
old blender, where parenting *WAS* the way to create armature deform.

 In the case alt-p is chosen as the remove parent modifier, it should
also get a menu like ctrl-p, with the option to just unparent (so as not
to destroy elaborate modifier setups) and to unparent and remove
armature... the later option could also pop up a further list of
armature modifiers to remove.

 It would make unparenting more cumbersome, but if it's intelligent
alt-p can only give that menu in the case it detects an armature deform
on the object.

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