[Bf-funboard] Reroute node: 'tele' operator

Prashant Sohani prashant.sohani at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 11:06:41 CET 2012

In order to help in organizing complex node setups, I am exploring what
features can be added to the node editor view. One strong possibility is to
use multiple layers, just like 3D view.. in effect, enable users to
separate out their logical workflow into nodeview layers..
For which, an important requirement would be to able to connect
inputs/sockets across multiple layers.. so I was thinking of a
sink-and-source arrangement of socket pairs; so that a second layer can use
the outputs of the first layer..
As an initial experiment with the reroute node in that direction, I have
just submitted a patch for the same:

Let me know of any suggestions regarding this patch, and also the
possibility I mentioned there about a future node socket Bus.


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