[Bf-funboard] rendering layers via object groups

Kovacs Peter G. nihylius at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 25 11:31:55 CET 2010

> I propose to define rendering layers as object groups.
> It will provide unlimited rendering layer quantity. Easy way to manage
> such layers: naming, creating via scripts...

I think this kind of Object Groups will raise limits on
the post layer management. I think the group system and it's 
handling method is an other theme. The rendering layers 
and the related options like puffer sets are providing 
the control for further compositing. The only problem 
as I see the re-use the render layers after store them 
into a single file or sequence (Multilayer).There is an
other question is the number of layers... The enough 
number of layers solves a lot of problems.

In Blender we have quite good group-system.
Groups are not belongs to an hiearchy system. think 
about it.

better control would be better but the idea is fine. 
I think.

Peter G. Kovacs
digital vfx-artist


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